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Here is a detailed description of one of the most complete and representative excursions in Lanín National Park. During such excursion, visitors may appreciate the arid Patagonian steppe combined with the Adean Patagonian forest, see 2 volcanoes and tour around 2 lakes, one of them the largest in Lanín National Park.

José Julian Catamaran leaves from Puerto Canoa, located on the Northern shore of Lake Huechulafquen, and heads South, where passengers can get one of the best views of the giant of the Patagonian Andes, the Lanín Volcano and its 3,776 meters of height.

The Southern face is observed during the tour. Its conical shape is the result of the glaciers that cover its crater. On this hillside, adventurers practice adventure sports such as technical climbing.

These are lakes of glacier origin. Therefore, their waters may reach a depth of over 400 meters and very low temperatures.

The fauna dwelling in these lakes include rainbow and brown trout, highly coveted among anglers.

The most representative birds are the Chiloé wigeon and the yellow-billed pintail, the black-necked swan, the condor, the kelp gull and the black-hooded gull, to name a few.

One of the most interesting attractions in Lake Huechulafquen is the island known as "Isla de los Chivos" because of its history and a very particular anecdote. Afterwards, the craft changes direction and heads West, towards the Andes Mountain Range, where the lake narrows down and Lake Huechulafquen joins Lake Epulafquen. At this point, depth ranges from 1.5 to 2 meters.

Lake Epulafquen (2 lakes in the Mapuche tongue), a water body surrounded by thick forests and snow-capped mountains, is dwelled by a wide range of wildlife species and human presence in the surroundings is almost non-existent nowadays.

The catamaran continues its course up to the "Escorial", a solidified lava river created as a result of the eruption of the Achén Ñiyeu Volcano over 500 year ago. This solid stream is over 7 km. long.

As time passed, the vegetation covered the lava ground and gave origin to one of a few phenomena in the world: a dwarf forest. The trees cannot surpass 10% of their original size (they are barely 1 meter high). It is made up by native trees among which the cypress and the coihue prevail.

After reaching the end of the "escorial", we started our way back to Puerto Canoa.

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