Reaching this site by car:

When in San Martín de los Andes, take National Route 40 heading north. The District of Junín de los Andes is reached after 42 km. Drive along the road that goes across the military zone of the mountain regiment and turn left into Provincial Route 61 towards the west before the bridge over the Chimehuín River. Then travel 22 km (10km paved and 12km made of gravel) bordering the Chimehuín up to the mouth of Lake Huechulafquen, right at the access to Lanín National Park. At this point, you will catch the first glimpse of the Lanín Volcano and start enjoying the various scenes that make up the Andean Patagonian forest. Finally, travel 30 km up to Puerto Canoa, enjoying the delightful landscapes framed by mountains, thick vegetation of old monkey-puzzle trees, coihues and other species and the Mapuche communities nestled there. All these sites of extreme natural beauty will dazzle all visitors.

It sets sail at Puerto Canoa, inside Lanín National Park.

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San Martín de los Andes
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